An Ideal Dog Trainer will perform a behavior evaluation and determine the cause of your dog's behavior problem. We offer in home, at our training facility or phone consultations. Consults include:

  • An evaluation of individual training and behavior modification needs
  • A complete history and personality profile discussion
  • An individual training plan designed to address your specific needs 

 90 minute Behavior Evaluation Consultation-Cost $145.00 ​(travel fees apply for in home consultations)

You can have a happy pack!

Private Behavior Modification / Custom Training

Private sessions offer personalized plans to work on specific behavior problems. 

Custom Behavior Training Sessions Cost: $75/hour

We handle the following behavior issues and more:

House training (including crate/confinement training and marking)
Jumping up, mouthing, and pushy attention seeking behavior
Leash reactivity (lunging/barking) 
Destructive chewing
Excessive barking

Running away and boundary training 
Counter surfing, food stealing and garbage raiding
Handling problems (vet exam, nail trim issues, grooming difficulties etc.)
Separation anxiety
Possession guarding
Acclimation to a new home (for rescued/adopted dogs)
Dog/Dog aggression- socialization with unfamiliar and multi dog household pack order


Aggression towards strangers

OCD behaviors

Sound sensitivity

Behavior Evaluation for pet or working dog selection( from a breeder or shelter)

Litter Evaluation for best placement-Avidog APET and/or Volhard

We are happy to evaluate and have an initial behavior consultation for a variety of behavior problems but may refer serious aggression cases to a Vet Behaviorist. Aggression level is determined by evaluating bite history, determining the dog’s bite threshold and the dog’s bite inhibition( damage caused by the bite) before or during the initial consultation. If you have a behavior concern with your dog, do NOT wait to get help. It can take weeks to get an appointment with a certified professional. Behavior problems do not resolve on their own, they often progress and get worse without treatment. Don't hesitate to get the help you need! We encourage all dog owners to discuss behavior concerns with their Veterinarian to rule out medical causes.

Scheduling is easy! Simply contact us with your preferred schedule to start your journey to a better behaved dog!

Prices and services subject to change without prior notice. Travel fee for round trip mileage $1.50/mile. Consultations held at our training center have no additional fees.

Behavior Consultations