Intro to Nose Work Step 3-Intro to Odor Click Here To Register

Next session will be held in late Fall early Winter

This third step class introduces dogs and handlers to searching for the odor scented swabs. Dogs and handlers must have completed both Intro and Step 2 class and have approval from the instructor to start work on odor. 4 weeks of training.

Cost is $95, 4 weeks, Class limit is 6 students 

Skill Building Nose Work Class Click Here to Register

Starts Wednesday 9/5/18 at 6:00 pm  Intro to Exteriors and Vehicles ​FULL

This skill building class is for students who have completed Intro to Odor and are looking to start preparing for competition or just keep having a fun game to play. Students build Skills for Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles, and Containers searches at a Novice level. 4 week sessions. Locations are in The Fox Valley. 

Cost is $80 , 4 weeks, Class limit is 6 students

Advanced Skill Building Nose Work Class Click Here To Register

Next session starts Wednesday 9/5/18 at 5:30 pm Exteriors, Vehicles, AKC Buried-  FULL

Search and Learn classes are for students who are working on all three odors and are looking to build their skills for competition. Geared towards those who are competing. Different locations each week to work on a variety of elements: Exterior, Interior, Vehicles, Containers, Buried

Cost is $80, 4 weeks, Class limit 8 students

Puppy Pre-School Click Here to Register​​

Wednesday 9/5/18 at 6:00 pm ​FULL

​Wednesday 9/26/18 at 6:00 pm ​FULL

For puppies 8-16 weeks old( toy breeds under 10 lbs to 20 weeks) 3 classes cover the following:

  • Crate/Potty Training
  • Chewing and Mouthing
  • Basic commands "Pup's first words" Name,Sit, Down,Come,Wait,Drop it
  • Polite greetings
  • Beginner leash walking
  • Handling for exams and grooming
  • Socialization and appropriate play skills

Start your new puppy off on the right paw!

Cost is $75, 3 week class, limit is 6-8 puppies

Private training lessons are available Emailor call Lynsie today !

Intro to Treibball 
Saturday 12/29/18 at 10:00 am ​ 4 spots open

Treibball (pronounced Tribe-ball) is a new, positive-reinforcement sport for dogs of all ages and sizes, who love to play chase games or who just love to herd. It’s great fun for any energetic dog that works well off-leash and needs a job, or any herding breed that doesn’t have a flock!
Intro to Treibball 6 week program teaches dogs and handlers the foundation skills needed to get started in this fun sport.

 The verbal cues used in American Treibball are


  • “Watch me” for attention at distance
  • “Down/Stay” at distance
  • “Stand/Stay” at distance
  • “Come Bye” to cue the dog to move to his left, (your right) or clockwise.
  • “Away to Me” to cue the dog to move to his right, (your left) or counter-clockwise
  • “Back” (or “Out”) to cue the dog to back up, when he’s overshot the ball the handler wants him to bring.
  • “Drive” to push the ball forward with his nose or shoulder.
  • “That’ll do!” to release the dog, when all the balls are in the goal, or fifteen minutes of playing time has elapsed.                            

Cost is $155 and includes a clicker and 1 ball. Class limit is 4

(Dogs MUST be dog friendly and able to work up to being off leash). 

 Agility Fun
Saturday 11/10/18 at 10:00 am  FULL

Saturday 11/10/18 at 12:00 pm 5 spots open

This fun 4 week class teaches handlers and dogs fun agility skills. Great for confidence building and improving team work for any age dog!

  • Clicker Training
  • Re-calls-Go to Target-Wait
  • Spin-Twist(left/right)-Bow-Tug
  • Jump uprights-Tunnels-Ladders-Plank-Table
  • Confidence building exercises
  • Settle-Place-Crate work

Cost is $95, 4 weeks,  class limit is 5 students

K9 Life Skills 3  Click here to register

Thursday 10/4/18 at 10:00 am  5 spots open

This fun three week class meets at a different outdoor location each week and works on real life social skills: leash walking, come when called, leave it, and polite greetings with people and other dogs. Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and people. Handlers and dogs must be able to walk 45+ minutes on a variety of terrain. This is a great class to prepare for the AKC CGCU- Urban Canine!

Cost is $75, 3 weeks, class limit is 6 students 

Therapy DOG Skills Click Here To Register

Thursday 10/18/18 at 5:00 pm ​ 5 spots open

In this fun 4 week class you and your dog will be introduced to cues and skills needed
to become a great therapy dog team. This class is for dogs 1 year of age who have completed a Basic and Advanced Manners/ CGC class or equivalent.  Dogs must be social with all people and free from issue with other dogs.

  • Loose Leash Walking- with distractions
  • Polite Greetings- Evaluate dog’s response to prolonged attention from strangers-Dogs must be free from shy/fearful or reactive/aggressive behavior
  • Sit, Down and Stand Stay Place/Settle
  • Positive exposure to mobility equipment
  • Leave it- used for food, dropped items, other dogs etc.
  • Paws up, "say hi", back up, off
  • Handler Skills: understanding dog body language and stress signals

Upon completion dogs and handlers will have a good understanding of the skills needed to be prepared to explore Therapy Dog opportunities. The final class session dogs who graduate visit an assisted living facility!

Cost is $95, limit is 8 students. Private lessons also available!


AKC Canine Good Citizen 
Tuesday 8/21/18 at 7:15 pm ​FULL

Saturday 12/29/18 at 12:00 pm ​4 spots open

Already ready to test or already have your CGC?

Pleasecontactus if you are interested in CGCA, CGCU or Trick Dog testing
This intermediate training 6 week course is for dogs with some previous training. Students learn all of the behaviors needed to pass the American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen Test ( AKC CGC). Go to: for more information. Upon successful completion of this class, students will be well prepared to take the test and earn the official AKC CGC Performance Title! This class includes the test! Dogs MUST be social with strangers, free from issue with other dogs and free from aggression concerns to participate.

Six, 1 hour classes include:

  • Basic commands: sit, down, stay, come, heel( without use of training aids or lures/food rewards)
  • Sit politely for petting and allow handling/ light grooming
  • Appropriate reaction to real world distractions (strangers, walking through a crowd, mobility equipment, loud noises)
  • Ability to be calm and friendly when left with a stranger
  • Greet another dog and handler politely

Cost is  $145, Class limit is 6 students

Call 920-791-0990 or email TODAY to sign up


Just for Kicks Tricks Click Here To Register
Thursday 9/27/18 at 1:00 pm ​6 spots open

Trick training is a great addition to any training repertoire. Learn how to use a clicker to precisely train just about anything! This class teaches tricks that qualify for the AKC Novice Trick Dog title! Looking to get the title? Register your dog with the AKC- mixed breeds welcome!

Four, 1 hour classes include: Get in (a box), shake, spin,twist, touch,get on (a platform), fetch, bring, balance beam, jump through a hoop, speak, crawl, high five, push ups, find it, give a kiss, take a bow, say hi/wave.

Cost is $95 for Group Class, limit is 6 students. (cost includes a clicker)

Does your dog already know these tricks and want to learn new ones? Contact us for private lessons or AKC Trick Dog Testing to earn your title!

K9 Life Skills 1 Click Here To Register 

Wednesday 9/26/18 at 7:30 pm ​1 spot open

​Sunday 10/7/18 at 12:00 pm ​4 spots open

​​This first step fun 3 week class starts the essential skills needed for any age dog to be a great companion. Life skills are divided into 3 step classes, 1,2, and 3 for optimal learning and schedule flexibility. 

Life Skills 1 teaches:

Basic Principles of Positive Reinforcement and Clicker training( clicker is optional)

"Sit", "Down", "Stay"

"Come", Polite Leash Walking

"Off" Polite greetings

Impulse control- "Say please"

Cost is $75, 3 weeks,  class limit is 4-6 students

K9 Life Skills 2 Click Here To Register​​​​​​

Sunday 9/9/18 12:00 pm ​FULL

Sunday 11/4/18 12:00 pm  ​4 spots open

This second step class continues the skills set to teach additional cues for a well rounded canine companion. 3 weeks of training for any age dog. Pre-requisite Puppy Pre-School, K9 Life Skills 1, or STAR Puppy or equivalent 

"Sit", "Down", "Stay"

"Wait" "Come"

"Leave it"

"Look", "Heel"

Tricks and fun games that build confidence

Cost is $75,  3 weeks, class limit is 4 Students​​

Don't see the right class for you? IdealDOG offers private in-home training classes for every dog! Call 920-791-0990 or email today to discuss which option may work best for you!

Intro to Nose Work Step 2 Click Here To Register

Next session starts Monday 10/8/18 at 6:00 pm ​5 spots open

Intro to Nose Work Fun 2 continues strengthening the foundation of the game of Nose Work learned in Intro class. Motivation is increased and distractions are added by working in new environments each week, including exterior areas. The Level 2 class helps dogs develop a strong foundation for scent work. This strong foundation is important before odor is introduced. One of the many challenges faced by working canines and their handlers is encountering new environments. All work is continued searching for a primary reward.

Cost is $95 for Group Class, 4 weeks, limit is 6 students. 

Training Center Location:

528 N. Main St.

Oshkosh, WI.

Lots of ways to register!

Complete an online form on this website

Sign up at The Pampurr'd Pet

print the form from this site

or call or email Lynsie to mail a form to you.

If you don't see a group class that works for you,

contact us about private training lessons. 

Private lessons are custom to fit your schedule! 

Please note-If your dog has behavior concerns group classes are not appropriate and private training/behavior counseling is needed. No refunds can be given if dogs must be excused from class for disruptive behavior. Thank you for understanding.

Group Classes ​Learn how to train your dog!

AKC STAR Puppy (Manners)  Click Here To Register​​

Starts Thursday 9/6/18 at 6:15 pm  FULL and 7:30 pm  FULL

Starts Thursday 10/18/18 at 6:15 pm  3 spots open and 7:30 pm ​3 spots open -no class 11/22 Thanksgiving day

This very complete 6 week course is for puppies under 8 months of age (depends on personality, breed/size). For Thursday night classes we have older/bigger puppies( 5 months to 10 months) take the 7:30 pm class to allow for best play for off leash socialization. We recommend starting with Puppy Pre-School class for puppies under 12 weeks of age. If your dog has any behavior concerns with strangers or other dogs contact us for guidance on what services will be best for you.

This 6 week class introduces dogs and handlers to the AKC STAR Puppy program and teaches pre-Canine Good Citizen behaviors. 

  • “Sit” and “Down”  “Stay”
  • “Come” when called
  • Polite on-leash walkingLookingAttention and focus
  • “Leave it”
  • “Wait”“Take it”, “Drop it”, “Tug”, “Fetch”
  • “Off” Polite greetings-Four on the floor
  • Social Skills and Confidence Building

Pups who complete all 6 weeks may get an AKC STAR Puppy award!

Cost is $125 for 6 weeks, limit is 8 students. Private Puppy Training lessons also available!

Basic Manners Click Here To Register 

Tuesday 8/21/18 1:00 pm  FULL and 6:00 pm ​FULL

Tuesday 10/9/18 1:00 pm  3 spots open and 6:00 pm ​FULL

Tuesday 11/27/18 1:00 pm 6 spots open and 6:00 pm ​6 spots open - (No classes over Holiday break 12/25, 1/1)

This 6 week class offers basic training for any age dog to help him MIND HIS MANNERS! You and your dog will learn and work on the following essential skills: 

  • “Sit” and “Down”  “Stay”-2 minute duration with mild distraction and 6 feet distance
  • A reliable re-call “Come” with distractions and 15 feet distance
  • Polite leash walking and beginner “heel” command transitioning from equipment
  • “Leave it”- helps with food stealing, squirrel chasing and more!
  •  Impulse control and Structured play: “Wait”, “Take it”, “Drop it”, “Tug”, “Get it”, “Fetch”
  • Reliable Polite greetings-Four on the floor “Off” command

Cost is $125, 6 weeks, limit is 6-8 students. Private lessons also available!

Dog Sports Sampler Class! Click Here To Register
Thursday 10/25/18 at 1:00 pm  6 spots open

This 4 week class explores a different dog sport each week! Rally obedience, Agility, Nose Work Scent Training and Urban Herding-Treibball! Sample a new sport each week and see what fits you and your dog best! 

Cost is $95 per dog/handler team, class limit is 6, cost includes a clicker

Agility Fun 2 Click Here To Register

Saturday 11/10/18 at 2:00 pm ​5 spots open

This fun 4 week class starts building dog's confidence on equipment- Students must have taken Agility Fun Step 1 or equivalent foundation skills on the flat. 

Clicker Training
Re-calls-Go to Target with increased distance-Start line wait/lead outs
Jump skills-Curved Tunnels-Beginner Contact Equipment- Dog Walk Plank or low A-Frame
Confidence building- w/ Tippy Boards and Mini Teeter
2-6 weave polls (working entries only for dogs under 14 months)

Cost is $95. 4 weeks  Class limit is 4 students.

Agility Fun 3

Saturday 11/10/18 at 3:30 pm 4 spots open

This fun 4 week class starts dogs working on contact equipment and 12 weave polls- Students must have taken Agility Fun Step 2 or equivalent. 

Clicker Training
Beginner full size Teeter work
6-12 Weave Polls (working entries only for dogs under 14 months)

Crosses on the flat and with low jumps

Cost is $95. 4 weeks Class Limit is 4 students.

Introduction to Nose Work 

Next session starts Monday 9/10/18 at 6:00 pm ​FULL

K9 Nose Work is a new cool dog sport in which handler and dog teams compete to find the hidden scents. Beginning Nose Work class focuses on building a dog’s desire to hunt and scent independently. This 4 week class starts dogs searching boxes and hunting for a primary reward such as food or a favorite toy. The goal is to take the dog’s focus off of the handler and instead follow his/her nose. After completion, dogs and handlers are prepared to continue on to second level searching in new environments with more difficult hides. 

Cost is $95 for Group Class, limit is 6 students. 

Private lessons available! Email or call 920-791-0990 for details!


Advanced Manners Click Here To Register
Thursday 8/9/18 at 1:00 pm ​FULL

Tuesday 10/9/18 at 7:15 pm ​ FULL

Tuesday 11/27/18 at 7:15 pm  2 spots open - ( No classes over holiday break 12/25, 1/1)

This is a great advanced class for students seeking a fun challenge after basic training. In this 6 week class you and your dog will work on the following:

  • Long sit(2 minutes) and down(3+minutes) stay- with distance/distraction
  • Stand stay /sit stay for greeting(CGC, Therapy and Beginner AKC Novice Obedience skill)
  • Advanced on leash and/or Off leash "Heel"
  • Place/go lie down/settle/stay
  • Graduate level leave it
  • Really reliable "Come!" games with distance and distraction
  • Attention, control and focus
  • Introduction to Competition Obedience and Rally skills-Front/Finish left/right/Paces

Cost is $145 Limit is 5 students. Private lessons also available!

Train your dog, or he'll train you!