Over the years Ideal DOG has given happy owners the opportunity to share their DOG's stories. Please enjoy a few of these "tails" of training success!

Hamish came to live with us at 12 weeks of age. As Danes go, he was unique to us. All of our other Danes were laid back easy going and attentive boys. Hamish was hyper, inattentive, and just wanted to do his own thing! First puppy class was a disaster, all he wanted to do was roll the other pups around the floor....Then my dentist suggested calling a different trainer-Lynsie at Ideal DOG..... and our life with Hamish started to improve!!!!! Lynsie showed us the proper way to calm our beautiful big boy down without damaging the beautiful, if unruly, spirit that is Hamish. After training, and weekly walks with Lynsie, Hamish has become a great big beautiful, loving, handsome and GREAT Dane!

I first met my teacher Lynsie on May 21, 2014 and we have been best friends ever since. I look forward to seeing her at class every week and showing her how much I learned. She has a lot of patience with me and all my puppy energy. It’s like she understands what I am thinking! Lynsie is very passionate about living and working with all kinds of dogs. 
Puppy Pre-School  
Basic Manners 
Canine Good Citizen  
Tricks class 

Intro to Nose Work 

Therapy DOG Skills class
Lynsie has guided me through my training every step of the way!

Hello everyone! 
Anyway, I am Bradley, a purebred Shih tzu.
I came to live with my family in February of 2014. I came to be a companion to my big sister Pearl Rae....She was not impressed. We had quite a few struggles in adjusting to one another. After a few good tussles my mom called Lynsie.
Boy was she great! She came to the house to see us in action. She gave my mom a bunch of new ideas to help us adjust and said someday she could see us being the best of friends. And you know what, it worked. For along time I was real careful how close I would sit next to Pearl, she didn't want me in her space. Now she will come in my bed to sleep with me. I'm glad Lynsie helped us, this best friend thing is pretty great. I really like to be busy; people say I am a social guy. So my mom called Lynsie again and we went to a bunch of her classes. She has it all. We did puppy class, rally class, we even did a class to learn tricks, agility and Treibball. All of our friends think I'm really smart.( Canine Good Citizen smart!) Mom always tells them not only is Lynsie so much fun to watch with her skills to work with the dogs, but she is so kind and fun to be around. She makes you want to be a better person!

Ideal DOG "Teddy Bear" 

Ideal DOG "Bradley"

Ideal DOG "Hamish"

Ideal DOG "Jovie"

Teddy Bear was born 09-24-12. He is a Poodle/Pomeranian mix, a “Pomapoo”. Right from the start, Teddy was an active, smart boy who kept us on our toes! Teddy has had a lot of training! He earned many certificates in his first year with us: “Puppy Pre-School”, “AKC STAR Puppy”, “Basic Manners”, “Just for Kicks TRICKS”, and “Walk & Train Adventures”. When this little guy is bored he looks for ways to create chaos, so I put out an SOS to Lynsie and she suggested continuing to challenge him both mentally & physically. He needs a job, or he makes his own plans! He has since earned certificates in “Intro to Nose Work”, “Intro to Nose Work Step 2”,” Intro to Odor” and most recently “Foundation Agility” and "Agility Fun 2". We use the ideas from these private lessons and classes to keep Teddy from energy overload. He is however, still a Kleenex junkie! There is never a dull moment with him around, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. He makes our family complete!


Ideal DOG "Gus"

Dogs of all breeds and ages LOVE training at Ideal DOG! The proof is in the pictures, enjoy!

Within 2 weeks of getting Jovie, Lynsie came to our home to start Puppy Pre-School. Lynsie gave us all of the knowledge and confidence we would need to raise the sweetest, best behaved boxer around.  Since completing Puppy Pre-School, we have taken as many classes as our schedules will allow through Ideal DOG, including STAR Puppy, Basic Manners, Tricks , Therapy Dog Skills and Canine Good Citizen.  And they have been such a blessing.  Jovie is an amazing, sweet, brilliant, goofball of a dog and we couldn’t be more in love with her.  Currently we are working towards the goal of becoming a therapy dog team, with plans to work with children and reading programs.